Melany Grout

my approach

My primary approach is humanistic, person-centered, and relational, which means that I believe wholeheartedly in your worthiness as a person and in your ability to understand yourself and evolve. I also view therapy as a collaborative experience where our relationship is an ingredient for change.


A fundamental part of my approach is that I view you as a completely unique person with always-present potential. I will always work to set aside assumptions about you, remaining curious, open, and respectful towards your experiences and the meanings they hold for you. 


My practice is shaped by my responsibility to be anti-racist, my understanding that psychology and therapy are not apolitical,  and my belief that our identities –complex, unique, and intersecting – are relevant in the therapeutic space.

I bring warmth, patience, and goodwill to our relationship and hold you as the expert on yourself and your experiences. In this work, I show up as myself, with vulnerability and a reverence for the courage it takes for any of us to reveal ourselves in relationship.


Together, we can gently uncover and understand experiences, histories, structural forces, patterns, and beliefs that affect you, and nurture a way of being that serves and honors you.